Wednesday, February 8, 2012

B the Toddler

Brenton is such a toddler these days. He's into everything, imitates everything Noah does and every now and then thinks the world revolves around him :) He's so loving, sweet and fun to be with. He keeps us laughing and fascinated as he learns new things. He's saying more words lately and making two- or three-word phrases now, like "me do it," "ah, nuts," "Elmo paci" (meaning he wants to watch the Sesame Street episode of Elmo giving up his paci), and "Goo gurl" (what he called Gabi). Of course my favorite two-word sentence he says is "love ooh." He signs a lot and knows more sign language than we do because they teach sign language at his preschool. Oftentimes, he'll sign and say things at the same time.
A few weeks ago we were making a pizza. Noah was helping while Brenton watched. When Noah was done, Brenton climbed on the chair and INHALED the mushrooms. Eric and I couldn't believe that he would eat mushrooms, but he did. His chipmunk cheeks above prove it, too! He's also recently tried mustard and Santa Fe rice. Who knows!?
This was taken on Noah's birthday (Feb. 7). He was trying to get our attention, so I'm not sure what kind of face he's making here.
This one is from our family photo shoot last November. He can definitely be sweet and sour (especially if he's tired or hungry), but mostly he's just our little "BB" which is what he calls himself when he pounds his chest like a caveman :)

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Gigi said...

Precious, precious BB. Just not cover Pablo!