Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting caught up

It's been a surprisingly quick and busy month, and it's hard to believe that August is almost 1/2 way over. Noah turned 18 mos. old last Friday, and his curiosity and strong willed personality are coming out more and more.

It's amazing how quickly he learns new things, repeats what we say/do, and remembers certain things. Over the past few months, he's become a "little boy" in front of our eyes. He's gotten 3 inches taller since his 15 mo. doctor visit and is coming in at 32 inches tall (56th %) and weighing 29.3 oz (86th%). We thought his weight percentile might be down at this visit, b/c he's gotten taller and is starting to thin out and lose some of his baby fat (sad!!), but he's hanging strong in those upper percentiles.

Sadly, Noah's great-grandmother Nanny (Tyra's mom's mom) passed away on August 1, so we spent some time in Hendersonville with family. It's joyful to know that Noah got to spend some great quality time with Nanny on some past visits, and he always enjoyed seeing her and getting into mischief with all of the non-toys on her coffee table. She will be missed, but we will enjoy telling Noah all about her in the future and showing him some good pictures we have of them together.

Let's see, what else is Noah up to these days??....Well the vacuum obsession has not gone away, and if anything, is as strong as it's ever been. I mean, this dude loves...I mean LOVES...the vacuum cleaner. Any and every one he sees! The big Oreck vacuum we have, the Swivel Sweeper, the little Wet-Jet Swiffer mop, his own little toy vacuum (although he's discovered the "real vacuums are more fun)...you name it he loves it. He oftentimes will find the little sweepers they have at restaurants when we go out to eat and start demanding he get to play with it.......

This leads to another phase we're in...the temper tantrum. Not getting to play with a vacuum is just one of a few things that triggers a "fall on the floor, arm and leg kicking, screaming fit." Luckily, we've discovered these only last a few seconds, so we rarely give into him, and also luckily, he generally only does this at home when it's just Tyra and me there.

His favorite TV show remains Elmo's World (on Sesame Street) by a landslide, but he's also fond of Disney's "Handy Manny," "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Little Einsteins," and "Blue's Clues," which I think comes on Nick Jr.

His appetite isn't what it used to be, and he doesn't eat nearly as much as before. He still eats well though, and his favorites are pasta, bananas, watermelon, cheese, gummy vitamins (of all things), yogurt, and cookie/cracker snacks.

Noah loves music and really enjoys when we sing to him...he's quick to point out when we start singing a song he's not in the mood to hear by saying "No No...No No"...so it's a good thing we have an expansive repertoire to fall back on. I kid you not though, he loves "Rocky Top" and even knows when to "Wooooo" and throws his arms in the air. That's my boy! I'm helping staff an event on campus this Saturday, and I think Tyra will be taking Noah to see the UT Pride of the Southland Band parade to the stadium on their "dress rehearsal" before the home football opener. I'm sure he will love that.

Tyra has be cast as Elaine Robinson (Mrs. Robinson's daughter) in the play "The Graduate" (based on the movie) at the Oak Ridge Playhouse. She's a natural on-stage and will do wonderful! All of the almost nightly rehearsals aren't fun for us (we miss Mommy), but Noah and I have enjoyed having guy time after dinner - which usually consists of playing mini-golf around the house with his Lil' Tykes golf set, trying to convince Noah that we don't need to vacuum the house again, singing silly songs, playing with blocks, and playing the "hide the blue ball" game.

This past weekend Noah had fun at his best friend Addie's 2 year old birthday party, where he devoured lots of sweet goodies, and enjoyed the subsequent sugar rush. He was a little wild man and had a lot of fun. Then on Sunday, we had a great family day at the local park's splash pad, where Noah loved swinging and playing in all of the water fountains.

Other than all of that, it's just same ol' same ol' on Rocky Top. Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

Noah at his 1st ever HHS football practice in early August....Go Commandos!

Turning his "cuteness level" way, way, way, way up!

Making his "oh my goodness" face...a new trend.

With Aunt Alyssa on her birthday --- Mommy made the cake!