Monday, July 23, 2007


We went in for the 2nd ultrasound this morning. Although Tyra is 12 weeks, 3 days along, and they typically can't determine gender until 16-20 weeks, they were able to say with about 99.9% certainty that Baby Haag is a BOY!!!! We were so excited!!

The images on the ultrasound screen and the pictures they printed out were amazing! He was moving all aorund and even wiggled back and forth a few times. In one picture, he was turned completely toward the camera (as if he was posing) and you can see his nose, head, and belly! I told Tyra he looks cute and chubby already! :)

He was definitely not shy or modest about showing us his "man-hood" and it was clear on pictures and ultrasound screen that Baby Haag is a boy! It looks like we're going to have a "camera-ham" on our hands. The nurse told us that we better rest up, because he was being so active! Today has been a lot of fun, and we can start envisioning him in more detail now. Of course, the "NAME" bonanza now begins, but luckily Tyra and I have the same top 2 or 3 right now. No telling how many times (or even if) it will change between now and February 1.

We feel so blessed to get this news and to have a healthy little Baby Boy on the way!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thump, thump, thump...

Tyra went for her "Mommy" doctor visit on Monday. It was basically a check-up visit for her and no ultrasound was planned. The doctor did let her listen to the baby's heartbeat and Tyra said it was "awesome!" 160 beats per minute! Everything checked out great, and we're both very excited about next Monday when we get the next ultrasound. Tyra will be more than 12 weeks along by then, so we can't wait to see the ultrasound pictures!

We're also awaiting the arrival of our good friends' little girl...due any day now! It's been a HUGE blessing to see them go through their pregnancy, and Tyra and I have both learned a lot through their pregnancy stories and advice. We're having a baby shower for them at our house on Saturday, that should be a lot of fun!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mr. Sandman...Bring Me A Dream....

(Posted by Tyra)

So I don't know exactly why, but my recent pregnancy dreams have involved celebrities.

Celebrity Dream #1: It all started when Mandy Moore and I went to a play together. At intermission the director came up to me and said I've got to fill in for one of his actors. Since Mandy and I were BFF's (best friends) in the dream, she of course encouraged me to do so.

Celebrity Dream #2: If only the following had been true...I flew on a luxury jet to France to have dinner with the one and only Julie Andrews. She wasn't dressed in normal clothes, but rather a royal ensemble like the one she wore for her character in the "Princess Diaries" -- white dress, red sash and of course a beautiful crown. The table we dined at was a long rectangular one and there were butlers to serve our meal.

Celebrity Dream #3: Peyton Manning, his wife Ashley, Eric and me were all crusing the "strip" in Knoxville trying to find a place to get our party on.
Although Peyton's wife was 6 weeks preggo and I was 10, the boys wanted to find a place to celebrate what they'd done to their wives. It was not the strip as we know it today, but rather a cleaner-looking futuristic strip with neon lights. The only weird part of the dream was that Peyton and I were holding hands, but Ashley and Eric didn't seem to mind one bit.

Celebrity Dream #4: This one has been the most difficult to recall for some reason, but Jessica Simpson, Eric and me were in a skybox somewhere waiting for her to perform on stage. She didn't look like the normal blonde bombshell all men seem to salivate over. She had put on weight, dyed her hair black and didn't take the time to blow it dry, so it was a complete mess of frizzy hair (much like what mine looks like when I fail to do the
same!) She wasn't wearing much makeup and kept going to buffet of food to get snacks.