Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July weekend

We had such a fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend. It started off with a visit from our great Cincinnati friends Michael and Emily Munoz, who brought their two boys over to play. We had breakfast together, watched the boys play and spent time catching up with each other -- not to mention swapping parenting stories and advice!
Later in the day, we took the boys on their very first train ride on the Three Rivers Rambler. It was a quick trip around the downtown area. Noah's gotten into trains over the past year and loves to say "choo-choo" whenever he sees a train or hears one nearby. The train conductor gave Noah a pretend ticket and even punched it for him.  He also gave him some Thomas the Train stickers. He didn't let go of either the entire trip and was very well-behaved. Brenton slept the entire trip and we managed to get a family photo, too. That same day, we went to a cook-out at one of Eric's co-worker's home. We took the boys and wondered how Noah would do since it started at 7 and he's usually asleep by 8 p.m. To our surprise, he was perfectly fine and had such a great time. He even stayed awake the whole ride home (they live 30 minutes from us) and loved looking for the moon outside his car window.
On the 4th, we relaxed outside and spent some great quality time together as a family. We got Noah a slip 'n slide and grilled out. There was such a nice breeze that Brenton got to nap outside while the rest of us played in the water. This is the same onesie Noah wore on his first 4th of July. Noah's former school made the nursery kids onesies that said, "My first 4th of July." Of course it was a little baggy on B, but he looked quite cute anyway!

Noah LOVED the slip 'n slide...almost as much as Eric :) Here are some photos of our little camera ham!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Jumpin' June

Summertime in the Haag household has truly flown by. Brenton is 7 weeks old now and Noah seems to be getting "older" by the day. We've spent lots of time outside (on the deck mainly) and being together as a family. Eric recently turned this cardboard box into a fort for Noah. He loves to take his Sesame Street "friends" into it and play, put on puppet shows or sing. Super Grover is still VERY much his go-to pal of choice though. Gigi came up from Florida to help out the first week of June and spolied us with home cooked meals, cleaning and watching the boys. Aunt Susie (ZaZa) and Uncle Steve came to vist on June 3 after a fun weekend in Pigeon Forge riding motorcycles.  
Grand Don turned 66 on June 18, so he drove up and spent some good time with the boys. Noah and I made him chocolate chip cookies. Noah loved to help by counting the cups of flour, scraping down the bowl and most importantly tasting the batter :)
Father's Day was extra special this year with the addition of our sweet new son. It was a great day spent at church, watching golf and relaxing around the house. Last week, the Chapmans came over to meet Brenton and play with Noah. They used to live across the street, but moved last summer. Noah ADORES Caroline and Coleman.
We also tested out our new double stroller. Noah loves going for walks around the neighborhood or at the mall and feels like such a big boy riding up front. Sometimes he likes to pretend he's flying.
Since Brenton's arrival, Noah has been quite motherly lately. Yesterday, he asked me for a diaper for Grover, put Grover down for a nap and carried him around in the baby carrier. Today, he borrowed Brenton's paci and blanket and put Grover in his bouncer to take a nap.
Brenton and I went to an engagement party for our friends Katie and Nathan. Eric had to work and Noah was at our house with JenMommy. She also came up to help out the last week of June. It was great having our moms come up at different times in June so that we had an extra set of hands with the boys -- something we're always thankful for. As you can see, Brenton decided to work on his tan during the party. Eric is a groomsman in the soon-to-be newlyweds' ceremony in August and we couldn't be happier for them!
Here's Brenton getting to meet Aunt Holly and Uncle Lakon. Noah had a blast with his cool older cousins Aidan and Dylan. He was a wild man, too -- either bossing them around or trying to keep up with them.
On June 27, Eric got to feed Brenton a bottle for the first time. Grandmommie Penny also helped out. Lots of family got to spend good time with the boys, too. Uncle Tim, Aunt Christine, cousin Crystal and her husband Greg, along with Aunt Amy, Uncle Guy, cousins Leah and Benjamin, Momette and cousin Karen. We are so blessed to have such great family and friends that love us and love our boys because we certainly love them!
And last, but not least, Eric and I went to one of the best birthday parties -- an 80s theme 30th birthday celebration for our friend Julie. In college, Julie, her husband Scott, Eric and I would go to 80s cover band concerts. A few years ago, Julie said she was going to have a big 80s party for her 30th. We were so glad we could go and had so much fun. The decor was perfect, but Eric's costume was my favorite part!