Sunday, January 30, 2011

Potty Training Boot Camp

We're happy to say that we "broke on through to the other side!" Noah is potty trained, and we are darn proud of him!

On Jan. 21, we kicked off Potty Training Boot Camp at the Haag house. Here's a breakdown of how the weekend went:

Day 1: Friday, Jan. 21 - Tyra was at home with the boys and kept Noah in big boy underwear all day. He had four pee accidents and didn't really want to sit on the potty each time he was asked. It got pretty frustrating because he KNEW when he needed to go, but just wouldn't.

Day 2: Saturday, Jan. 22 - Tyra decided to make the whole experience a game to deflect the request of mommy and daddy telling Noah to go potty to a cool beeping timer that tells Noah when to go instead. She took our Kitchen Aid timer and set it to go off every 1.5 to 2 hours. We told Noah it was the "pee pee timer" and every time it went off, it meant he had to go potty.  We allowed him to press the button and help re-set the clock. After a while, he'd hear the beep and go, "It's pee pee time!" On the flip side, whenever the oven, microwave or anything else in our house beeped, Noah would say, "It's pee pee time!" HAHA! We unknowingly had our own little Pavlov's Dog experiment in our own house!

Day 3: Sunday, Jan. 23 - Needless to say this whole "pee pee timer" idea worked like a charm. Noah really got into going potty. We made a big deal out of it too, like he'd won the Heisman or something -- lots of singing, clapping, dancing and praise for our little guy.

Day 4: This was Noah's first day at school in big boy underwear. He did great and had no accidents.

It's been almost two weeks now since he's been potty trained and other than some hesitation to have BM's in the potty, it's been a breeze. Of course, the best part is not having to buy diapers for him anymore! He does wear pull-ups at night, but we don't call them that. We call them his "nighttime underwear" so that he doesn't think he's wearing a diaper still. Going to underwear for 11-12 hours of sleep at night is a little much to ask, so we're not pushing Noah to wear big boy undewear until he's ready.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it snow!

2011 has gotten off to a snowy start! We've had so much snow and Noah really enjoys playing in it.

Sledding with daddy

Don't think that smile could have gotten any bigger!

Our side yard looked like a winter wonderland!

Making snow angels

Where's Waldo?

I don't think Brenton could have been any more bundled up!

Poor thing looks like a tick about to pop!