Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun At The Beach

We were blessed to be able to spend our anniversary (5 years!! woo!) at Seabrook Island (SC) again this year. We love it there so much, and had so much fun. Noah was only 3 months old last year on our trip, so of course the ocean, sand, and waves were new to him. He LOVED it! He played hard, and he rested hard. He slept so well (naps and night time) while we there, which was great because Tyra and I had a chance to catch up on some R&R.

Here are a few highlights of our trip:

- Chased Noah up and down the he was chasing the "Ducks" (aka seagulls). He would say "quack, quack" at them. He's also a little confused and thinks that birds also "Meow" like cats, so he "meowed" a lot at the seagulls. I estimate he ran at least 1 mile during this 2 hour time period.

- Strolled the streets of Charleston, ate at AW Shucks for lunch, which was good. Noah enjoyed walking out on the pier in Charleston.

- Swam with Noah in the pool. Noah enjoyed sitting in the little jet ski float we got him.

- On Seabrook Island there is a lot of wildlife. We saw dozens of deer...yes, Noah thinks they "meow" too.

- Food is one of our big weaknesses at Seabrook. We devoured our favorite shrimp & grits at Rosebank Farms Cafe (twice), ate a cinnamon roll almost every day from Newton Farms grocery store(with extra icing!!), and I cooked a special anniversary dinner of filets and crab cakes. We decided to cook at the house for this meal so that we could have an "us" dinner after Noah was in bed! It was awesome.

Now for some photos:

So excited to be in the ocean!

Our home for the week! We loved it!

Let's go look for sea shells

Wiped Out On The 45 minute Drive From Charleston to Seabrook

He loved this little net

He was so brave, he didn't even want to hold hands

High steppin'

These waves are cool

Best buddies

Eric's Favorite Pic (part 1).....

....(part 2)

Curious George

Sunset from our kitchen window on our last night

View from the back deck! Peaceful!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Want To Sing The "NO" Song?

The "no" phase is alive and well!

This is just a 30 second clip of the entire 5 minute version of this game we played yesterday in the car as Mommy drove. We got into the theme of "Cinco de Mayo" (video was taken on 5/5/09) too, asking him if he wanted to sing the taco song, burrito song, salsa song, etc....then, the game was over when he said "Yeah" twice to "Do you want to sing the Corona song." Oops!!!