Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Day

We had a wonderful Easter together celebrating our Lord's victory over death. Our church had four services, but we went to the same one we always do (9 a.m.). Andrew met us there and then we had brunch at our house. Eric made an egg casserole. After we ate, Eric and Andrew hid some Easter eggs and candy around the backyard and deck. Noah really got into finding eggs this year. Brenton just watched him, but played in the grass some too. After the egg hunt, the boys opened their goodies while I helped myself to some of their chocolate :)

Super cute matching seersucker suits

Brenton and daddy

Noah didn't take his hat off all day!

Uncle Andrew came over and spent the day with us.

This is Noah pouting because he's tired of taking pictures and wants to go inside to open his Easter basket.

Brenton's first Easter!

This is one of Eric's Easter outfits that Noah also wore when he was 14 months old. Now it's Brenton's turn!

Brenton had no desire to take a family picture so we were able to stop his frustration (momentarily) while we acted silly. Noah sure got a kick out of it though!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Orange and White Game

Noah with Smokey. He prefers the mascot Smokey to the real one (as evidenced by the photo below since he didn't want to touch him).

Before the Orange and White game, Noah and I headed to Circle Park for the first ever Young Alumni Jambalaya Jam which Eric planned. We had so much fun and devoured the Cajun food from Bayou Bay. Brenton was at home having fun with Miss Ruthie.

Noah looking for Andrew and Thomas on the field for their last experience as UT managers. He also loved to spot Smokey (mascot version) to watch him dance on the sidelines. He's say, "Smokey's so silly!"

After halftime, Noah's buddies Jack and Addie came to visit and they loved being together. At one point Noah and Addie shared a chair when all of a sudden I saw him slip his arm around her shoulder. It was very sweet. Jack got lots of kisses and hugs from Noah too.