Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Extra Ultrasound

I went in this morning for my 34 week check-up and everything looked great (weight gain, blood pressure, etc.), but my belly was measuring at 32 weeks. This was the third appointment that I’ve measured smaller than my actual gestation stage. My doctor thought everything was probably okay, but wanted to do an ultrasound to scan Brenton's measurements just to be on the safe side. This was an unexpected surprise since I’m not scheduled to have another ultrasound until my 36 week appointment. Sure enough, Brenton measured great—64th percentile actually. The nurse measured his head, abdomen and femur to get an average of 5 lbs. 7 oz. (give or take a pound).

Brenton’s heart rate was in the 140s and the nurse found it immediately. He actually cooperated this time.

I've been having some cramping/contractions lately too. My doctor said that if I have 5-6 cramping episodes in one hour, to give him a call. For example, if I had 5-6 episodes tonight in one hour, he’d probably admit me, check me and give me something to stop the “contractions.” He said I’m in the home stretch and that 'Braxton Hicks" contractions are to be expected and probably something I’m noticing sooner with this pregnancy than I did with Noah.

I have three new photos to show Eric and Noah, which already show B’s chipmunk cheeks and full lips. We’re still on track and can’t believe we’ll have another little boy in the house so soon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Market Square

One of the best parts of Knoxville is hanging out on Market Square. We took Noah downtown after his nap. The weather was the best it's been all year. Noah had his first italian ice (pina colada), saw LOTS of cute dogs, people-watched, browsed some shops and had a yummy dinner at Downtown Grill and Brewery.

Big Boy Room

This has certainly been a year of big transitions for Noah. On Jan. 6, he kicked the paci (cold-turkey), turned two, moved bedrooms and in just 6 weeks will be a big brother.

The paci ordeal turned out to be easier than we thought. It was the dread of making him give it up (and the potential consequences that might follow) that was actually worse. He gave it up at school last fall with no problems whatsoever. His teachers simply told him the "paci was all gone." Of course, when we tried that at home, he knew better and begged for it :) Our goal was to get him to drop it by his second birthday and we definitely didn't want him on a paci when Brenton gets here (although he may regress once he sees his new baby brother with one!) So, in January, we put him to bed one night without it. He cried for it and Eric gave in. The next night, we put him to bed without it and he cried for 30 minutes before falling asleep. Eric was about to give in again, but I kept saying, "just give it five more minutes." I said this several times ;) We kept our usual nighttime routine and told him that we gave his paci to Baby Jack (our friend's little boy) and several other babies. Those two nights were tough, but he's been great ever since. We'll even look through his baby book and he'll see pictures of himself with a paci and not think much about it at all.

For the past few months, we've been getting Noah's big boy room ready. We searched several places before deciding on furniture and bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. It was great to gradually change the guest bedroom into Noah's big boy room because it allowed us ample of time to "pump up" and play in his new big boy room before actually moving him into it. Here are a few pictures:

This is the same print that hung over Eric's bed when he was growing up called "Someday."

This frame contains vintage stationary my sister got us with the actual UT football gameday program covers from the early to mid 20th century.
Yep--that's a framed autograph of Eric Berry to Noah, courtesy of Uncle Drew. This bookshelf is in the corner of his room and was Eric's in college.
Reading Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" after bath time on his new sports bean bag. He LOVES Dr. Seuss!
What little boy's room would be complete without a basketball goal? His name was the last thing we took down in his nursery. The "All-Star" wall art came from Hobby Lobby.
Noah looked so little in his big boy bed. It reminded us of the first night home from the hospital when we put him in his crib. It was a sweet moment to see him in his new bed, and we can't believe he's at this stage of his life already!
Later today, we plan on going to Market Square to hang out, eat Italian Ice, window shop and listen to music. It's nice to have spring in the air!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just 7 Weeks Away!

On March 24, we'll officially be 33 weeks along. The due date is May 12, but depending on my appointments, I could potentially be induced as early as May 5. It's hard to imagine how life will be even more busy, tiring and yet completely new all over again. Double the work, worry and exhaustion, but definitely double the love and joy, more importantly.

We've really enjoyed being outside these last few days. Noah loves to run and says, "Ready, set, go!" when running around. The sidewalk chalk, mega bubbles, tricycle and popsicles on the deck have finally made their debut! Happy first day of spring!

Our Little Leprechaun

Top 'o the mornin' to ya :)

Who needs a pot of gold when this little guy's in your life?