Thursday, October 25, 2007

Noah's Room

Noah's room is coming together. As you can tell, the closet is quickly filling up, and it has been so much fun to start getting all of the necessities we'll be needing. The third trimester starts tomorrow (10/26), and he will be here before we know it. Here are a few quick pictures. We haven't hung anything on the walls yet and the big bear balloon over the crib is temporary (it's from the Hendersonville baby shower). Enjoy...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby Shower at UT

We had our very first baby shower yesterday at Eric's work. It was a lot of fun, and everyone was so nice and ready to meet Noah already. We opened some great gifts, a few highlights: baby stroller, baby monitors, cute outfits, diaper genie II, gift cards, Noah's ark night light, and a special card from Eric's co-worker Mike pleading for us to let Noah grow his hair out into a Baby Mullett! ha! I think we'll pass on that, but the picture example Mike provided in the card was worth a lot of laughs.

Tyra is going to a family baby shower in Hendersonville tomorrow (Saturday). It is so much fun having baby showers, and it's neat to start putting clothes, toys, and other goodies away in Noah's room. (Edit--I have added some pictures from the Hendersonville baby shower).

Monday, October 8, 2007

Big Win

Noah moved to 3-0 this season when "attending" Tennessee home games after last Saturday's big Tennessee victory over the Georgia Bulldogs! We'll be heading down to Tuscaloosa, AL in a few weeks for the Tennessee/Alabama game, so here's to hoping that Noah will turn around his 0-1 record for games on the road (...Cal 45, TN 31). He needs to learn now that losing is not acceptable under any circumstance....PERIOD!


It's ok to lose...sometimes! :)

The picture above is from our breakfast tailgate before the game (17 weeks until due date...or as someone told us, "until Noah gets evicted from Tyra's belly!"). And Noah and I both send a big THANK YOU out to Tyra/Mommy for being an enthusiastic trooper and letting us still get to the games early this year!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Please say a prayer for Forrest Spence

Our friend Brittany (Miller) Spence and David Spence's son, Forrest was born on September 10 in Memphis. Both Tyra and I went to high school with Brittany and she was a sorority sister of Tyra's at UT. Forrest's story is below, and I hope all of you can take a few minutes to look at Forrest's "Caring Bridge" website ( and read his story, see his precious pictures, and read Brittany's journal entries.

Please pray BOLDLY for Brittany, David, and Forrest, along with his doctors, nurses and their entire family!

Here's a brief snippet of the story:
Robert Forrest Spence was born to Brittany and David at 5:06 PM, Monday September 10, 2007. He was 6 lbs 10 ozs and 20 1/2 inches. Because he was three weeks premature his lungs were not producing enough moisture for normal breathing. This is common in premature boys and was not cause for alarm. However, during the night it was discovered that Forrest had Strep B infection which is in fact very serious, particularly when coupled with the under developed lungs. He was transferred to Le Bonheur Childrens' hospital in Memphis and into the ICU early on Tuesday morning, September 11. He is currently going through a process called ECMO, which is where the blood is channeled through a machine for cleansing and increased oxygen. He is also being given large amounts of antibiotics to treat the infection. This process will take several weeks before we can claim success.

The situation was extremely critical early Tuesday morning. His "trends" were going down and upon arrival at Le Bonheur would not respond to the heart and lung machine. He was stabilized manually, and with stabilization, was able to be put on the ECMO. Currently his "trends" are going up and his vital signs improving. Britt had a strep test days before delivery which was negative, and it is unknown how he contracted the virus. Click here to see what ECMO does and why it is needed.