Monday, December 10, 2007

Laundry Day and Pack 'n Play(??)

Laundry News
This weekend, we got around to doing Noah's laundry. Of course, all of these baby clothes, linens, booties, hats, etc...have to be washed in the fragrance/dye free detergent. It's nice to have all of his things put away in his drawers now. We even have his bed semi-made. For the past week or so, we've had his clothes, etc...separeated into whites/colors piles on his bedroom floor. Gabi especially enjoyed rummaging through them and smelling the outfits. We hung his letters ("NOAH") above the changing table and hope to start putting more things on the walls soon.

Pack 'N Play??
Many of Noah's play toys have been very easy to assemble. We had no problems putting together his crib, swing, or stroller. So the pack 'n play would be a cinch right?? After about 45 minutes of finagling and several moments of anger in which I (Eric) was ready to beat the whole pack n' play to a pulp, we finally got it assembled. Once we got it all together we thought, "OK, that wasn't all that bad," even though there's no way one person could quickly "pack" or "unpack" the thing and have it set-up for their child to "play" in it.
Which begs the much playing can a child actually do in this thing? It's about 3feet x 2feet of plasticy feeling fabric surrounded by prison-like mesh walls. The only thing resembling fun is the (non-moving) mobile which features 3 small teddy bears that hang there with funny looking grins on their faces. Sounds fun to me! It's also too big (I guess they're all the same size) to move it from room to room because it won't fit through the door frame. But I digress...!
After we got it all set-up, we had the pleasure of taking it apart (very easy) and cramming it back in the storage bag (not so easy!). After much pushing and pulling and cramming and bending, we finally got it stuffed back in the bag, which now sits in Noah's closet looking like it's got 52 squirrels trying to poke their way out of the sides.
I'm sure we'll use it a lot downstairs for Noah's naps during the day and taking it to Grandma's and on trips, but this thing seems way too hard to pack and/or play with any regularity.