Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Showers

We've been blessed to have had three awesome baby showers for Brenton, hosted by some of the best friends anyone could ask for.

Our friends Kelley and Donna hosted a "girls shower" for Tyra at Cafe 4 on Market square in Knoxville a few weeks ago. We got some great gifts, and all the guests enjoyed the yummy cupcakes and coffee.

Tyra's office threw her a "surprise" shower earlier this month. Unfortunately, Noah wasn't feeling well that day, so Eric stayed home with him. Even though he missed the party, Noah certainly enjoyed eating the leftover cake Tyra brought home.

Earlier this week, my office threw us a shower as well. I was surprised by a visit from Tyra and Noah at work, since I thought she'd be unable to come. We got some great gifts and ate some really good food, made by my co-workers at UT.

Here are a few photos from the UT Baby Shower...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at UT Gardens & Easter Sunday

The day before Easter we took Noah to UT Gardens. He got to meet the Easter bunny, make "bunny ears" and mix some "Magic Easter Mulch" (oats, shredded carrots and sprinkles) to scatter around our yard. He wasn't sure of the big Easter bunny at first, but was willing to give him a high-five. We walked around the beautiful gardens and took some cute photos. Each of the kids in Noah's age group were allowed to hunt up to six eggs. Here he is coloring bunny ears.

He could have spent the entire morning watching the Koi in this new rock garden memorial tribute.

Hippity, hoppity!

On Easter Sunday, we listened to our church's sermon online since Noah had been up and down during the night with second molar teething pain. You can listen to it here: After church, Tyra made a yummy Easter brunch--Honeybaked ham, mashed potatoes and green peas, pineapple casserole, Sister Schubert rolls, raspberry tea and homemade carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Grand Don drove up and got to spend some good time with us and Noah which was fun.

Good Friday at the Zoo

We had such a fun (and busy) Easter weekend! On Good Friday, we took Noah to the Knoxville Zoo. We got there right as it opened, the weather was great and Noah was quite content in his stoller for a couple hours thanks to snacks, juice and a dum-dums ;) He loved seeing the penguins, turtles, camels and bobcats. He kept calling the bobcats "kitties" and desperately tried to get out of his stroller so he could get closer.
It was such a beautiful spring day to spend at the zoo.

Noah's face was priceless riding the carousel. He chose to ride the giraffe and was so proud to find where Eric was standing each time we passed him. Actually, he chose to ride a tiger and then changed his mind and wanted to ride the giraffe. After the ride was over, he asked me if he could ride again.

Playing "leap frog" in the Kids Cove area. This is where Noah got to see bunnies, turkeys and goats. Noah wasn't sure of the goats at first, but then loved them, brushed them and tried to go into their sleeping areas!

36 week appointment

Today was our 36 week appointment. We had our last ultrasound to make sure Brenton was head down (which he is). He's also measuring at 6 lbs. 13 oz (79th percentile). This is just an estimate though. We think he will gain two more pounds and be right at 9 lbs. around delivery. We'll see soon enough!

This weekend, Eric installed Brenton's car seat in my car and hung his Pottery Barn Kids letters above his crib. I also had a great baby shower at Cafe 4 and Brenton got some awesome gifts. Also last week, my co-workers gave me a surprise baby shower. We're so blessed to be supported by such amazing family and friends!