Friday, January 27, 2012

Noah's sayings

Kids definitely say the funniest things. We've been keeping track of some of Noah's funny sayings or statements. Here are a few "Noah(isms)" :)
“I like my agenda.” [For the record, Noah LOVES to set your agenda for the day and makes lists of things he wants to chronological order nonetheless. Can we say "Eric Haag: Part 2" ???]

“God didn’t make girls.” [Me: "Who did?"] “Not me!”

"Brenton, Ernie heered you. He's going to fly back to the North Pole and tell Santa you're not being a good listener." [Ernie is our Elf on the Shelf]

"I'm going to tell Santa I've been a good listener and won't pull his beard."

[When asked to do something] "I don't knooooooow, but we will seeeeeeeee..."

Eric: "Noah, I'm going to put Brenton to bed, so you can stay in here on the bed and watch TV until I get back....but stay on the bed.....Deal?"
Noah: "Capiche" (Ka-peesh)
This was totally out the blue. He likes watching Full House sometimes, so I guess he's picked up on Michelle Tanner saying that to Uncle Jesse. HAHA!

[Before leaving for school one morning]: "I'm going to hug my Christmas tree bye."

[While getting him situated in his carseat]: "Don't buckle my pen*s!"

[While climbing the stairs at school carrying his blanket, lunch box and art work]: "My hands are busy. I got too much stuff."

"Daddy you're my best friend...can I watch Spiderman on your iPad?"

"I'm a big giant. Elmo Rocky Top. You see my jersey?"

"Mommy you made me sad. You broke my feelings."

"You can put it on my tab." [We finally figured out this was a line from a Charlie Brown movie!]

[While using the restroom]: "You can't come to my winter palace!"

[While catching me get in the shower]: "You have a BIG bottom!" [Gee...thanks, Noah. Luckily I laughed about this and he then thought I was crazy AND had a big bottom].

[While receiving his goodie bag at church and noticing the writing (NOAH) on the bag]: "My God wrote my name!"

“B…I know you like me!”

“Whatchu said?”

“Look at me…look at me…look at me.” [Noah is ALL ABOUT eye contact when speaking to you]

“Excuse me please. Excuse me please.”

“Let’s go on an adventure!”

[While playing with Buzz and Woody]: “What’s my name, Buzz? Woody Andrew!” [Andrew is Noah's uncle]

“I love you B Russell.”

“My brother’s my best friend.”

[While pretending to go to work]: “I’m the mama. I’m going to work. Now, cry.”

“We don’t share our germs.”

“Close your eyes…I gotta prize for you.” [He means "surprise"]

“Thumbs up or thumbs down? Thumbs up! I’m happy because I love my mommy, daddy, baby brother and doggie.”

"Laster night" and "Yester year"

The following are some school notes from his teachers written on his daily sheet:

*Ava was upset today and Noah was so sweet to her. He blew her a kiss and told her "it's going to be okay."

*Noah is a social butterfly. He plays with lots of different friends.

*Noah is well liked by everyone. Sometimes we ask the children what their favorite part of the day was and lots of them always say, "Playing with Noah."

*After we read Noah’s Ark, Noah told me he didn’t build the Ark. It was the other Noah.

*Noah enjoyed chasing girls on the playground today!

*Noah is very energetic!

Noah also loves "Show & Tell" days. So far Noah has taken the following items: Smokey that sings Rocky Top, Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, Grover, Santa Bear, Tom & Jerry, Spiderman, jingle bells, favorite books, and several other special items. There have been other things, but I these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.


Brittany said...

Love his sayings. 3 is so fun! They are constantly saying the funniest things!

Gigi said...

Do we have a talk show host in the making?...and you do not have a big bottom! It's all perspective! Noah is too, too funny...:)